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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we are a family business headquartered in the south of

Hungary and have produced knitted women’s outwear

successfully since 1982 in gauges E 3.5, E5, E8 and E10, E12,

E14. Our annual production ranges from 300,000 to 500,000

pieces of women’s pullovers, cardigans, vests and hats. We

offer both regularly knitted and lined hats.

We manufacture our models on favorable, competitive terms.

Our largest asset is 85 consistent employees with a low rate of

fluctuation. Our facilities are constantly equipped with current

technology. The knitting factory is equipped with flat knitting

machines from the current line of the Stoll CMS generation and

2 special wholegarment Shima Seiki machines including pattern

design with M1plus, Sirix and Apex3 systems.

A modern CAD cutting system executes the cut production. The

adaptation of the blank, depending on the item, is done by band

knife, pass punch or, where necessary, is carried out by hand.

Clothing machines for every application in the knitting sector

and for knit-fabric combinations are operated by excellent,

trained staff in house. Embroidery designs can also be created

and applied by ZSK machines. Naturally we produce more and

more with Fully-Fashion and wholegarment technology.

The production includes large and small batches in different

size ranges and standards of pure natural fibers, through

normal mixtures, to chemical fibers. With our production

process we are able to realize spontaneously occurring orders

and to meet varying requirements. We also have much

experience with special shapes and sizes. To ensure quality, all

manufacturing and production processes are constantly

accompanied through delivery by interim examinations and a

100% exit inspection. We utilize employees with experience in

dealing with the respective operations and thus achieve a

negligible rate of complaints from our customers.

Experienced design professionals are also available, and

prototyping department is in house.

Our suppliers of raw materials and yarns are reliable and quality

minded partners from Germany, France and Italy. In 2016 we

obtained a GOTS certificate from IMOswiss AG and we produce

more and more from bio-yarn.

All steps of the pattern-creation and production take place in

house. This ensures accurate samples for viewing and

purchase as they will be delivered later in production. The

customer contact on site, to take care of templates, change

requests, order placement and execution, and scheduling with

adherence to delivery dates is backed by experienced staff.

They are always in a position to intervene in all production

processes as they are present at the facility on a regular basis.

Decision makers are also immediately accessible for the

customer. This guarantees an optimal order completion.

To date we successfully supply to mail order businesses,

purchasing groups, wholesalers, chain stores, retailers and

manufacturers. Discretion and confidential keeping of designs

for and from our customers is an important aspect that we

follow as a guiding principle.


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

wir sind ein Familienbetrieb mit Sitz im Süden Ungarns

und befassen uns erfolgreich seit 1982 für unsere Kunden

mit der Herstellung von Damen und Herrenbekleidung

im Bereich Strick in den Feinheiten E3 (1 St), E5 (3 St),

E8 (11 St) und E10 (7 St), E12 (12 St), E14 (1 St) und E16

(2 St), mit insgesamt 37 Maschinen. Wir produzieren

jährlich ca. 100- 200T Stück Pullover, Strickjacken,

Westen, Schale, Mützen und Hosen. Wir bieten auch

Trachtenstrümpfe an.

Unser größtes Kapital sind die 90 beständigen

Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter mit sehr

niedriger Fluktuationsrate. Der Betrieb ist durchgehend

auf dem derzeitigen Stand der Technik. Die Strickerei ist

mit Flachstrickmaschinen der aktuellen Typen der Stoll

CMS Generation und der Shima Seiki Mach2S

whole-garment Maschine ausgerüstet,.

Die Anpassung des Zuschnitts wird je nach Artikel mit

Bandmesser, Durchlaufstanzen oder, soweit notwendig,

von Hand durchgeführt. Natürlich fertigen wir einen

immer größeren Teil unserer Produkte mit der Fully-

Fashion Technik.

Konfektionsmaschinen für jede Anwendung im

Strickbereich sowie für Strick-Stoff Kombinationen sind

mit ausgezeichnet ausgebildetem Personal im Haus


Musterfachpersonal steht ebenfalls zur Verfügung. Eine

Abteilung zur Prototypenherstellung mit allen

notwendigen Maschinen ist auch verfügbar.

Die Zulieferung von Garnen und Rohstoffen erfolgt durch

zuverlässige und ebenfalls qualitätsbewusste Partner aus

Deutschland, Frankreich und Italien. Dadurch ist eine

schnelle Reaktion auf Trends und Kundenanforderungen

leicht möglich. Wir produzieren auch aus Biogarn und

sind GOTS-zertifiziert.

Wir liefern bisher erfolgreich an den Versandhandel,

Einkaufsverbände, Großhändler, Filialisten, den

Einzelhandel und an Trachtenhäuser. Diskretion und

Geheimhaltung von Mustern für und von unseren

Kunden ist ein wichtiger Aspekt dem wir als Leitsatz


Wir würden uns freuen wenn Sie sich bei uns melden



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A short summary on the relationship between the Foeldesi company and its employees

- Our company has 85 full-time employees with 10 people in management and administration and 75 in production. An overwhelming majority of the coworkers are employed permanently, there are no renewed contracts after a certain period of time.

- We tend to hire people for a lengthy period of time with the express purpose of building good, lasting relationships through our deeper familiarity of each other. Furthermore, the Hungarian law provides more protection in case of permanent employment.   

- Since we employ over 23 seamstresses, many of whom are young mothers, we agreed to have flexible working hours in the sewing department, thereby helping them keep their family a priority.

- Foeldesi employs 19 people who have to commute every day and pays 80% of the travel costs (bus tickets).

- Due to the close, family-like relationship between Foeldesi and its employees it has been a practice for 30+ years to help our coworkers in case of a sudden personal financial emergency. We provide loans for personal reasons with 0 interest.

Feel free to contact us

Lajos David Foeldesi
Hodmezovasarhely, Maria Valeria str. 5.
6800 - Hungary

tel.: 00 36 62 242 992
mobile: 00 49 162 152 0 444

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